OSM Data for Ireland

The files found here are regularly-updated, extracts of OpenStreetMap database for the island of Ireland and are Open Data Commons Open Database License 1.0 licensed. For more information, see the project wiki.

Irish OSM Extracts

Using The Data

This directory contains a quarter-hourly updated extract of OSM for Ireland in the .pbf binary format and OSM replication diffs for keeping a database up to date.

The extracts and the diffs are generated using the ireland-and-northern-ireland.poly polygon.

You are granted permission to use OpenStreetMap data by the OpenStreetMap License, which also describes your obligations.

You can process the extract with a variety of tools. Osmosis is a general-purpose command-line tool for converting the data among different formats and databases, and Osm2pgsql is a tool for importing the data into a Postgis database for rendering maps.

If you find data within OpenStreetMap that you believe is an infringement of someone else's copyright, then please make contact with the OpenStreetMap Data Working Group.

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[DIR]old/2019-11-10 07:01 -  
[   ]ireland-and-northern-ireland.poly2018-11-01 22:50 463 Boundary polygon used for island of Ireland extracts
[DIR]replication/2019-11-15 23:16 - Quarter-hourly replication diffs
[   ]ireland-and-northern-ireland.osm.pbf2019-11-15 23:16 164MQuarter-hourly updated OSM extract of island of Ireland